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International Singer / Songwritter

Isla Grant was born in Wigtownshire, Scotland but when she was a few months old her family moved away and eventually settled in the Scottish Borders.

When she was about fourteen Isla started to sing in the folk clubs mainly in Scotland and in the north east of England, then she discovered country music and that changed her style in music.

Now after eleven albums, some of which have gone triple platinum, Isla has branched out and started her own record label (I.G.E.) and released her first album on her own label in October 2008.

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Isla Grant - Survivor CD Album

I'm a Survivor

Isla's Latest Album

1. Don't Think Twice
2. The Bridle On The Wall
3. Alice In Hulaland
4. Speak To The Sky
5. Dimming Of The Day
6. They Call It Music
7. Love Me
8. Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye
9. Back Home
10. A Love That Used To Be
11. All The Lies
12. Fly Butterfly Fly
13. I'm A Survivor
14. Little Boy Blue
15. Nothing I Can Do About It Now
16. In The Time That You Gave Me


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Al Grant - You Arr My Love CD Album

You Are My Love

Al's Latest Album

1. Your Pretty Brown Eyes
2. When Two Worlds Collide
3. I'm Just A Standby
4. After Loving You
5. Walking In The Rain
6. When The Sun Says Goodbye To The Mountain
7. Mona Lisa
8. Satan Can't Hold Me
9. How Many Tears From Now
10. You Are My Love (Duet With Isla Grant)
11. An Evening Prayer


Price: £15 each inc. postage & packing